GPS/GNSS Soil Survey Construction Testing

Automatic marshall stability compression tester 50kN

Standard: ASTM D1559, D5581, AASTHO T245


• Integrated design, with a complete testing software and control systems built into the unit.

• High precision electronic load cell and flow measurement.

• Closed loop speed control, providing highly constant loading speed with minimal vibration and noise.

• Automatic load cycle.

• 10.1-inch touch screen display – more information in one screen, with intuitive graphing facility.

• PC connection via USB – use the PC as a master to operate the instrument (via the included testing software (Windows)), or use the on-board software and export the test data using a USB drive.

Unit Consists of:

• Tester body (1 unit)

• Inner diameter 101.60mm pressure head (1 unit)

• Pressure sensor (1 unit)

• Displacement sensor (1 unit)

• Power cord (1 unit)

• Printer paper roll (3pcs)


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