GPS/GNSS Soil Survey Construction Testing

CBR In-Situ Apparatus

Standards: BS 1377, ASTM D1883, AASHTO T193

Used in road construction to enable the bearing of soil to be determined quickly and efficiently on-site. The CBR in-situ Test Apparatus jack assembly can be mounted in a simple conversion frame to measure CBR values in the laboratory. The frame is used with the jack, a suitable load ring, CBR mould and penetration piston. 


Model Number: SC107

Dimensions: 1220 (L) x 410 (W) x 175 (H)


Model NumberAccessories Description
SC106-1ALaboratory Conversion Frame
SC106-2BPlunger Guide Bar
SC107-1J50 kN Mechanical Jack (Double Speed) c/w Spherical Ball Attachment

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