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Standard: EN 12390-1, BS 1881:108, UNI 6127, DIN 51229

We offer a variety of cast iron and plastic cube moulds that meet the requirements of the standards below. Our cast iron cube moulds consist of four parts with a clamp type steel baseplate. The plastic cube mould is a one piece mould made from robust plastic. The specimen is ejected from the mould by compressed air requiring only a simple clean and oiling before being ready to use again. All moulds are manufactured with stringent tolerances.


Cube Moulds 
CM100Cast Iron Cube Mould 50mm 3 Gang Mould
CM101Cast Iron Cube Mould 100mm 4 parts with base
CM102Cast Iron Cube Mould 150mm 4 parts with base
CMP05, CMP06Plastic Cube Mould 50mm and 100mm 3 Gang Mould
CMP08, CMP09Plastic Cube Mould 100mm and 150mm
CMP10Extractor Blower

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