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Mackintosh / JKR Probe Apparatus

SL102 Mackintosh Probe apparatus

SL103 JKR Probe apparatus

We offer these commonly used penetrometers for the determination of soil penetration resistance with depth, allowing for swift correlations with bearing capacity which is the soil strength. Mackintosh and JKR probes are particularly useful for initial site investigation in remote areas due to their portability. Used in conjunction with control boreholes, considerable areas can be assessed quickly and cost-effectively. Our Mackintosh / JKR probe apparatus sets are built to international specifications and with durability in mind. Contact us today for the best pricing on our Mackintosh / JKR probe equipment.

Technical specifications

Technical Specifications 
Dimension (mm)1230 (L) x 210 (W) x 110 (H)
Weight approx.28kg
Set Consists of: 
SL103-A1Penetration Rod (1.2m each)
SL103-A3Pipe Wrench
SL103-A4Penetration Cone (Mackintosh or JKR)
SL103-A5Hammer Nut (Mackintosh or JKR)

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