Instant moisture tester

Hydramotions’s MicroLance is revolutionary – it can instantly and accurately measure moisture and temperature of building materials (such as sand, aggregates and mixes) simply by insertion. This makes the MicroLance the perfect tool for determining in-situ moisture readings from stockpiles, be it spot sampling or utilising the averaging function to obtain overall stockpile value. Mounted on a 1 or 2m rod, the moisture probe is capable of reaching deep into stockpiles to collect data. The Microlance has a built-in computer, which gives it the flexibility to handle a wide range of materials and water contents. The meter comes with standard calibration for sands and aggregates, but is easily re-calibrated for virtually any material or mixture using the built-in “Autocal” facility. The MicroLance finds its ideal use in concrete batching operations, but has also seen application in hot mix asphalt, brick, and ceramics production.

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