GPS/GNSS Soil Survey Construction Testing

Motorized Marshall stability compression 50kN

Standard: BS 590, ASTM D1599

Bench mounting type machine, with rigid and compact design, using a DC motorized drive system to achieve a more reliable and accurate testing result. Note that this compression frame can also be adapted for CBR, Triaxial, and other compression tests. Please enquire for more information.


Capacity: 50kN

Testing Speed: 50.8 mm 

Plunger Travel: 60mm

Vertical Clearance: 730mm

Horizontal Clearance: 270mm

Power: 240V

Unit Consists of:

(BM287-1A) 1 x Cranleed Handle

(SP050) 1 x Dial Indicator 25mm x 0.01mm

(BM287-2A) 1 x Extended Plunger

(SC108-4A) 1 x Proving Ring 50 kN

(BM 287-4A) 1 x 100mm Marshall Stability Mould


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