GPS/GNSS Soil Survey Construction Testing

Portable skid resistance tester

Standard: EN 1097-8, ASTM E103, BS 812:144, NLT 174, CNR No. 105, 140, NF P18-578

Used for the measurement of surface friction properties, the apparatus is suitable for both site and laboratory applications and for Polished Stone Value tests using curved specimens from accelerated polishing tests. The apparatus consists of an adjustable pendulum arm, and a spring loaded rubber slider mounted on the end of the arm. During operation the pendulum is raised and then allowed to swing freely, allowing the edge of the rubber slider to skid across the surface of the road or sample. The standard tester is supplied complete with 6 rubber sliders for site use.


790 x 650 x 230mm


Net 31 kg, shipping 40 kg


(BR062-1B) Spare mounted rubber slider for Polished Stone Value Test

(BR062-4A) Metal base plate with specimen clamp for Polished Stone Value Test


(BR062-2B) Spare mounted rubber slider for site use


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