12 Hz sondes and many other 512 Hz transmitted devices work with any Schonstedt pipe & cable locator model.  Sondes benefit a variety of industry applications. In water & sewer, they can help pin-point blockages or pipeline defects when used with video inspection systems. You can trace a path and determine the depth of a non-metal pipe such as HDPE, PVC, transcite or clay tile. In cable applications they can be used to trace empty fiber-duct or adjacent conduit runs and stop at unmarked underground vaults or splice boxes. The depth accuracy of a sonde’s position can help reduce excavation costs and time. Depending on frequency, a self-contained battery powered sonde can be detected as deep as 15 ft.

Standard specifications

Standard SpecificationsSonde 512 Large
Sonde: Large
Sonde 512 Small
Sonde: Small
Frequency512 Hz512 Hz
Size (Inches)1.53″ dia x 4.13″0.75″ dia x 2″
Battery1 – AA1 – N
Battery Life6-8 hours continuous use @ 70°F (21°C)4-6 hours continuous use @ 70°F (21°C)
AdaptersM10 (10mm) Thread1/4-20 Thread
Depth Range

14 – 16 Ft max
soil type dependent

3 – 5 Ft max
soil type dependent

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