Topodrone DJI Mavic 2 Pro L1/L2 RTK/PPK

Compact drone with 31 minutes of flight, equipped with dual-frequency L1/L2 GNSS RTK/PPK receiver

A modern tool for performing high-precision geodetic aerial photography and topographic and geodetic works – integrated automated solutions based on multi-rotor and aircraft-type geodetic unmanned vehicles.

TOPODRONE solutions:

  • They do not require serious piloting skills – all flights are carried out automatically on pre-built missions.
  • There is no need to establish and coordinate ground control points – you save time and money when carrying out field work.
  • The antenna is located above the center of photography, and also uses the data of the onboard inertial navigation system to take into account the tilt of the antenna during the flight of the drone – this allows for increased accuracy compared to similar solutions on the market

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