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Asphalt Solvent Recovery Unit

Standard: ASTM D5404, AASHTO TP2

The apparatus consists of two (2) stainless steel chambers. The first chamber is for the dirty, used solvent. The other chamber is for the cleaned, recovered solvent. An electrical heater is used to distill the used solvent in the left chamber, which then passes through a water cooling system and flows into the right chamber, ready for re-use. Once the recovery process is completed, the temperature switch must be turned off in order to stop the heating elements.


Range of temp control: 50 – 200°C

Heating Power: 1000Wx2

Recycling Capacity: 10 L/h

Voltage: 240V

Weight: 23.5 kg

Appearance Size: 520 x 460 x 460 mm


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