GPS/GNSS Soil Survey Construction Testing

California Bearing Ratio: CBR Equipment

Standard: ASTM D1883 – AASHTO T193, UNE 103-502, CNR-UNI 10009

CBR is a frequently used empirical test for estimating the bearing value of sub-grade and sub-base course materials in road construction.

We offer a range of moulds and accessories specifically designed to meet the requirements of the relevant standards. The equipment is manufactured from high quality, long-lasting material that will give years of satisfactory performance with regular maintenance.

CBR Equipment Consists of: 

CBR Equipment 
SC-108-2APerforated Plate with Adjustable Stem (Swell Plate)
SC-108-6ASpacer Disc with “T” Handle 150.8mm dia. x 61.4mm height
SC108-1ACBR Mould Body complete with Collar and Perforated Base Plate 152cm i.d. x 152.5mm body height, plated steel


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